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Publishing Status: Completed

Scanlation Status: Completed

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Rukia Kuchiki 361 Reply
I feel like the ending was rushed. Couples that don't make sense. Honestly wanted Sakura to find a guy who deserves her instead of a guy who caused her years of pain. But she's so forgiving and loving that she forgave shithead :/ But yeah Kakashi and Gai are definitely together amiright
Yuji Kaido
It happen's will see how things go in the move with the timeskip and the short spin off manga about him an his kids assuming it goes well an they don't bail on it

Rukia Kuchiki 361 Reply
I'll always hate Sasuke.

Anonymous 480 Reply
why couldn't they make sasuke get another arm and how come naruto and hinata have children that look just like them but sasuke and sakura have one that look like karin and why couldn't they make a movie based on sasusaku instead od naruhina we were waiting for most sasusaku pairing why can't sasuke just stay at home
Anonymous 287
all I'm hearing is why why why why? the manga's at an end there are bound to be some things that the author leaves out baka
Elizabeth Liones 170
Eh, I never really liked the Sasuke and Sakura pairing anyway.

Kakashi Hatake 672 Reply
I Love this and I read this series for the first time and I want to like continue to see what will actually happen to them. I love Naruto and I LOVE KAKASHI HATAKE<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Yuuki Asuna Reply
Three weeks of my life to read this entire series...and THAT was the ending I got!
I loved it, but that was a horrible ending. It could have been so much sadder.

Anonymous 353 Reply
naruto 2015

Anonymous 353 Reply
I happy be naruto is good on TV

Anonymous 353 Reply
good naruto

Anonymous 862 Reply
To be clear, the devil has implanted his false "morality" in your minds, and if heeded you will be prepared to accept the false evil under the guise of good that is coming upon the world, even now. See Revelation 13.
Anonymous 465
the devil is good the devil is love the devil is me... 666 omen satan

Anonymous 862 Reply
This whole story was a distorted version of the sacrifice Jesus made for humanity-- but in reality. He has successfully implanted his "morality" into your minds.

Anonymous 726 Reply
And with this, my childhood ends.
Anonymous 705
I knowwwwww =[

Anonymous 6920 Reply
neijiiiiii noooooooo!!!!!!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY DEEPEST HEART! UGHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!
btw, cant wait for the last naruto movieee!!!!

Anonymous 297 Reply
Wow, so the Naruto series has ended. Though I can't say I loved the ending, since it seemed rushed to me, some characters were missing, and I didn't like some of the details...I'm talking about the Sasuke and Sakura pairing, and how their daughter looks like Karin (though I'm not complaining about that.) Why is Sarada, Salada, or whatever her name is wearing glasses if she is of Uchiha blood and is bestowed with the Sharingan?...Ok, I'm not a hundred percent sure if this is really gonna happen (one in a hundred chance, unless someone posts my idea to the editor of Naruto and he decides to write it in the upcoming series,) but this is something I learned through an experience...and here's my Naruto version. Ok, here's my side of the story, say before he married Sakura; Sasuke and Karin were a couple. However, I don't know how, but let's say Karin is dying and on the brink of death. For Sasuke's final request to her, he asks her to marry him...even though they'll only be together for a short period of time. And for Karin's request to Sasuke, she gives him a pair of her glasses and asks him to promise her that he won't return to being that same dark and evil ninja, to find love again, and give the glasses to his first child...that way he'll always remember her and she'll be a part of his child's life. Then, when Karin passes away, Sasuke marries Sakura, he gives the glasses to Sarada, and everyone is happy...IS THAT SUCH A BAD STORY PLOT TO ADD TO THE FUTURE NARUTO SERIES?
Anonymous 116
Yes that is. Its terible.
Anonymous 297
And what is the problem with that...I think it'll make a good tragic romance event. Besides, in the end Sasuke would still end up with that ugly pink haired useless excuse for a kunoichi and have a daughter with I'd say it's a good side story.
Anonymous 565
Anonymous 297
Humph, whatever, I don't see what the big deal is; in the end Karin does die anyway...and I would think that people would be happy with her gone. Anyway, it's a one in a million chance that the side story will actually happen, so we shouldn't hold our breath.
Anonymous 297
Or how about this. One day in the future, Sasuke confronts Karin about why she didn't confess her feelings to him and how she did everything she could for him back when she thought he was on the brink of death after Madara stabbed him during the war. “...I had to stop living in an illusion,” Karin explained to Sasuke, “I had to face reality. No matter how much I try to gain your attention, no matter how much I try to be there for're never going to reciprocate my feelings or feel the same way I do. That's why I left Lord Orochimaru and your side, that's why I'm traveling on my own; so I can rediscover who I really am and figure some things out. So, even though you're married and have a daughter, no matter what you do from here on out; I want you to know...that I will always love you.” You, Karin could use some of Itachi's words from when he said the same thing to Sasuke...and then, that's it, nothing else happens; THE END!
Anonymous 670
Addressing the whole "why does Sasuke's daughter have glasses when she is of the Uchiha bloodline", lets just remember that she is still in the ninja academy and I thoroughly doubt she has awoken her Sharingan. Plus Obito wore goggles so wearing glasses shouldn't be a huge "mistake" by Kishimoto.
Elizabeth Liones 170
It's whatever...I don't really care for Sasuke or Sakura, in fact I hate that pairing. So, it's whatever.

Anonymous 448 Reply
What Happen to Orichimaro and Kabuto? and the Alies of Sasuke?

Anonymous 656 Reply
Neji dies! Sasuke and Naruto lose their arms! So sad!!!

mrm64 Reply
Say, is there a colored version of these chapters since it's done?
Also, SO SWEEET! SasuSaku, NaruHina, InoSai, ChoKa, ShikaTema, uumph! ;D Wedding bells!! :D

Kakashi Hatake 723 Reply
Dear god 15 years and it over. I'm going to miss this so much.

Anonymous 251 Reply
cool manga. the ending was nice. I wanted to see more of Kakashi and Gai but alas. maybe in the Kakashi novel, I hope.

manga watcher Reply
Can you guy believe that people wanna ban naruto in usa because they want naruto and sakura together
Ha ha! That's hilarious! I like Naruto and Hinata though. :)
Anonymous 696
sakura can eat a dick
Anonymous 251
the butthurt was real lol
Mizushuma Nozomu
This is why I'm ashamed as a japanese to be living in usa, everyone is really stupid and anti asain
Yuji Kaido
That's funny just now got around back to the comments here haha it would never happen though its to popular. and It's okay Mizushuma Nozomu don't let idiots get to you no matter where you are from.

Anonymous 831 Reply

Anonymous 747 Reply
im goi ng to CRY *__*

Anonymous 269 Reply
I ment bruh

Anonymous 269 Reply
Brush I'm bout to cry.
15 good years, it's just like when dragon ball z ended
Can't wait to see the next series
Anonymous 696
sorry to say besides the last side story theres nothing more to replace the big 3 any of them we grew up with these the feelings we had when we were kids wont transfer

Anonymous 341 Reply
I could tell sakura has baby daddy troubles 😂😂😂😂😂☺
Anonymous 465

Anonymous 853 Reply
Why does the older Sasuke look exactly like bk201?

Anonymous 719 Reply
Oh,,so hinata is the wife of Naruto!
Anonymous 144
i really should read the story before I read comments, this just spoiled it for me :(

Anonymous 719 Reply
Who is the mother of Bolt and who is the husband of Hinata?
Anonymous 378
Who the fuck do you think, baka?
Anonymous 696
yea dumbass
Mizushuma Nozomu
Did you even read any of this, or just part of the last chapter
Anonymous 723
Bolt's mother is hinata, hinata's husband is naruto... you could see that comming miles away, way before shippuden, i would say arround when naruto first learned rasengan...

Anonymous 649 Reply
Bolt: the movie, wait that was Disney...

Anonymous 879 Reply
I really loved this series. It had everything in it. Although it had it's unnecessary filliers that were annoying, they did a good job of keeping it going for 15 years. There I wish they had done better but , every series has something they could have improved...... That ending bitter sweet.

Anonymous 459 Reply
Now I feel kind of empty... Whelp, it looks like it's time to find another manga to fill the void.
Yuji Kaido
Their is going to be a spin off in 2015 involing Naruto and his son not sure if his daughter will have much of a part in it though would be nice if they show enough of Bolt & Himawari both instead of just his son.

Anonymous 668 Reply
Goodbye Naruto, hello titans woo

Shanks 628 Reply
So... The last chapter... Yeah kind of felt like when I read the last Harry Potter book. My whole childhood is gone -_-

Anonymous 750 Reply
Finally. This series has been both a passion and a cancer in my life for the last 15 years. It has come to it's rightful conclusion. Auf Wiedersehen

reis Reply
Feeling pretty glad it finally ended. It was starting to become a pain having to read simply because ive read it since it first came out.

Anonymous 664 Reply
Also sasuke tapped sakura's ass then left like WTF
Anonymous 668
Thank you for brightening my day

Anonymous 664 Reply
Had any one else seen the straw hat pirates sign from one piece
Anonymous 266
I did :D I thought I was the only one! xD

Anonymous 710 Reply
I wasn't able to confirm who it was that Kiba was with, anybody have an idea?

manga watcher Reply
Naruto is too big to end they should've made Naruto and sasuke fight a god who wanted to take them out before they got too strong

Anonymous 212 Reply
Did anyone notice that on narutos sculpted face was the pirate symbol you see in one piece? I love it. I'm sad it's over though.

Anonymous 873 Reply
Who the hell had a kid with lee?!?!?!
Anonymous 616
Anonymous 668
More than likely it's just his disciple

Sevran Reply
WOW, everyone is so grown up (sort of hehe)! Naruto and Sasuke are such hotties. I like the part where Naruto has a Kushina/Minato moment with Bolt :)
Yuji Kaido
Was a very good final chapter though the short series in 2015 involving him and his son suppossedly will be decent but short just hope they show his daughter Himawari as well she was the one with hinata at Neji's grave. a lot of people didnt notice both bolt and himawari have the wiskers that Naruto has.

Anonymous 873 Reply
what happened with orochimaru??? and kabuto? have I missed a chapter where they died?
Anonymous 336
My name is josh and what ever happened to kabuto and oruchimaru is a mystery however the last I seen them was at the final part of the ninja war after saske and naruto beated the goddess, he said he has given up trying to destroy the leaf and was eager to see how sasuske would do, never again do u see them in the manga after wards, but sasuske does notice someone follows him in the woods, might be more, up to kubo tite the author
Nami 297
He wrote bleach not naruto xD

Anonymous 552 Reply
Sasuke's a babe.
i know right

Anonymous 815 Reply
That's it. Goodbye, Naruto. Good times.

Anonymous 8436 Reply
My childhood manga is now a memory. I don't think any manga has come even close to replacing it's spot while it was running and i don't think that will change even now that it's done. But then again each manga is different so each one will have it's own honor-ific spot in everyone's hearts. Thank you so much for keeping on with this manga until the end Sensei! We love you and can't wait to see what you have next, and even if you don't have anything else left we will still love you :)
Anonymous 876
This was top on my list during the beginning of the series, then after the chuunin exams, with all the fillers and ridiculous arcs that followed, it quickly became a manga I only read when I was bored. I no longer looked forward to reading it anymore. Especially this last arc..... One piece is has been consistently good and has remained on my top manga for years. Still going strong!

Dragon Reply
Even after the end we all still love Naruto and how it was epic , thank you for this amazing manga author!

Anonymous 5059 Reply
I thought that Bolt and Himawari were cute! My brother says that is't not official yet but if you look at their cheeks they both have little whiskers. Also she said "big-brother", sooooo....yeah Hinata and Naruto DEFINITLY got together (inward self: HELL YEAH!)
Yuji Kaido
Yes it was already official Bolt & Himawari are brother & sister. Naruto and Hinata are their parents it will be offcially confirmed in a timeskip event in the upcoming movie Naruto The Last, as well as the short manga series/spin off in spring 2015 involving Naruto and one of his children most likly his son Bolt.

Anonymous 5059 Reply
I can't believe my childhood manga has ended. I will be mooning over this for weeks. Now all thats left is to re-read it all over again! (this way i can say it ended with a smile :))

Anonymous 794 Reply
Wow it all come to an end... Who knew that a lot of the characters would find someone and marry them, then have children? this last chapter surprised me since some of the kids you can guess whos the parent. that would be nice if hinata and Naruto got together and it could be because her daughter has the "whisker" marks on her, so who knows if Naruto and hinata did get married. can't wait to see if they are really going to make a new series to Naruto or this will be that last of it.
Anonymous 6712
What if they just hooked up and had 2 kids? Marriage is overrated LOL

Anonymous 4783 Reply
no more naruto? :(((( noooo

Raku Ichijou 948 Reply
neji isn't an uncle. He's a 1st cousin once removed. Also, I guess naruto is the head of the hyuga clan?
Anonymous 4694
that may be true to half of the world but in some countries like mexico, cousins are considered uncles/aunts :) Also I think they do that so the next generation would be respectful to their elders. (I have had arguements w/ several people on this topic) :D Basically its difference in cultures
Jinbei 858
Yes, same in most Asian countries where your parents' cousins are considered your aunts/uncles
Anonymous 279
Thanks for clearing that up =)
Anonymous 356
That's true, but since Hinata and Neji's fathers were identical twins, genetically Hinata and Neji are half siblings soooo close enough haha

Anonymous 712 Reply
Naruto don't leave me

Anonymous 484 Reply
love shikatema though

Anonymous 484 Reply

Anonymous 535 Reply
Naruto ended! No!!!!!!!!!!!! So sad........

Anonymous 451 Reply
who is naruto married to?
Kurapika 212

Anonymous 671 Reply
Lol naruto must make harem plan lol

Anonymous 500 Reply
Uh... Page 22... I didn't notice at first but there's a city on top of the hokage faces o.o

manga watcher Reply
so this is what its like to have your favorite manga end.

Anonymous 872 Reply
worst character sasuke

lotuseaterevans Reply
End of the series of Naruto....
Best Character: Itachi
Worst Character: Sakura
Best Villain: Madara
Worst Villain: Obito
Best Arc: Chunin Exams
Worst Arc: Great Ninja War
Best Fight: Sasuke vs Itachi
Worst Fight: Sakura vs Ino
Anonymous 520
I agree with this almost 100%
Anonymous 945
Anonymous 524
Er....gotta replace Sakura with Tenten. At least Sakura DID shit.
Anonymous 876
10000% agree with you on the best/worst arcs
Anonymous 365
this is like perfect

Anonymous 892 Reply
Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Sakura and Sasuke named their kid Salad?
Anonymous 649
thank you sir, i had to take a double take on that
Anonymous 945
Sakura Haruno 800
it's actually Sarada, the English translation just ruined it -_-
Anonymous 6712
thank you Sakura for the clarification
Anonymous 616
Cuh Fucking A bro smh lmao such laud aka salad smh arabic name
Anonymous 616

Anonymous Reply
Lol naruto had one piece symbol and one piece had naruto symbol
Anonymous 664
When did one piece had a naruto symbol?
Gon Freecss 533
Chapter 766, its all over the first page. Naruto is sitting behind nami, if ya look close you can tell

Anonymous 928 Reply
Fuckin sweet see yall next year babe..
next year is just a side story, and it won't be drawn by the same author

Anonymous 362 Reply
now why is there luffy's one piece symbol on naruto?
Kaito Kuroba 847
product placement lol

Anonymous Reply
Bolt is Heniata's and Naruto's son because did you see Heniata's daughter, she had those whisker markings on her face?

Anonymous Reply
Who is bolt's mom?

Anonymous Reply
So narutos done now the next srories bolt?

Anonymous Reply
Naruto has two kids crazy
Bolt is his only kid

Yasutora Sado 480 Reply
awwww my childhood :'(

I hope the his series is gonna be as awesome
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 542
go back to Bleach, Chad
Minamoto Makoto
Bleach kinda got old👴

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